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How To Tell If Your House Needs Foundation Repair

How To Tell If Your House Needs Foundation Repair

Posted by Admin on 16 June 2015 cracked-wall

How To Tell If Your House Needs Foundation Repair


Strong houses depend on strong foundations. The soil around your foundation is as susceptible to weather as anything else. When it gets saturated with water or dries out in hot weather, the soil can swell or shrink. Over time, those changes can affect your foundation. But how do you know if you need foundation repair? Here are some tips.

Inside the house

  • Look for cracks in your inside walls at the corners of the doorjambs, around the windows, or near the ceilings. Small hairline cracks are probably not a problem, but larger cracks running horizontally or stair-step cracks should be checked by a professional.
  • Doors or windows start to jam and become hard to open and close.
  • Coverings over concrete floors start to crack or come loose.

In the crawl spaces or basement

  • Check your posts: are they straight, or are they starting to lean? They should be lined up straight with the beams and resting on their piers.
  • Look out for puddles or standing water.
  • Use your screwdriver to check for wood rot.

Outside the house

  • Check to see if your foundation walls are straight. There should be no bulges, or that the walls aren't leaning.
  • Make sure that the concrete isn't chipping or cracking. To test it, use a screwdriver or other probe: you shouldn't be able to loosen the concrete.

Choosing a professional to repair your foundation

There are several questions to ask before you choose a contractor to repair your foundation. First: find out if your contractor knows how to work on the type of soil your home is built on. Soil management is the key to maintaining the integrity of a foundation. Second: ask about the company's warranty policy and references. Third: the company should be insured. Fourth: ask how many years the company has been in business, not the combined years of all their employees. And always get an estimate!

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