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How Successful People Stay Calm Under Duress

How Successful People Stay Calm Under Duress

Posted by Admin on 14 September 2014 success-and-destress

How Successful People Stay Calm Under Duress

There is a time-honored quote which formulates that ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ is the basic recipe for success and achievement. Successful people from all walks of life have factored this equation into all of their endeavors. The groundwork of all success and robust good health is a calm mind. The successful professional knows how to be in control of his/her emotions. Self control is a learned trait that will garner one success, respect, and admiration. A healthy mind-set allows you to be in control of the situation, rather than you being under its influence. For informative and useful tips, please have a look at: how successful people stay calm.

A few important highlights of the successful professional include healthy living practices which form the groundwork for achievement and enduring good health. The most important elements involve right thinking, diet and exercise, breathing techniques, adequate and proper sleep, cultivation of coping mechanisms for stress, as well as having a strong support base.

RIGHT THINKING There is an old aphorism which states, “As a man thinketh, so he is.” A person’s character is the totality of all thoughts that are entertained-for better or for worse. The cultivating of good thoughts are like flowers in the garden, and negative thoughts are akin to weeds. Two negative and needless emotions are guilt and worry. Guilt is associated with past actions and remorse for lost opportunities; whereas, worry is linked to the ‘what-if’ thoughts of a yet unformed and perilous future, which are ungrounded in the contemporary reality. Entertaining such negative thoughts will adversely affect chances for success, and will negatively impact your health, by causing undue stress and anxiety. These feelings will only serve to reduce your effectiveness in dealing with the issues at hand. Clear positive thinking involves having a contingency plan for all possible outcomes. 

DIET and EXERCISE Good eating habits, healthy food, and adequate exercise-all in moderation- is a regimen for maintaining good overall health. One should limit one’s exposure to excess amounts of caffeine or alcohol, as both substances will impact on judgment, and reaction to stressors.

BREATHING TECHNIQUES Quieting the mind is directly dependent on correct breathing techniques. By focusing on proper breathing, you can alleviate stress by helping the mind from wandering into idle or stressful thought patterns. Redirecting one’s attention to pleasant reminiscences during breathing exercises, will lower stress quotients, and render challenging situations more manageable.

SLEEP Adequate and healthy sleep provides the body and mind with the opportunity to heal and regenerate. This enables you to awake feeling refreshed and alert. Inadequate sleep can adversely affect hormonal levels, which makes stress management more of a challenge.

COPING MECHANISMS The cultivation of a sense of gratitude for what one has, rather than lack, greatly reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Gratitude engenders increased energy levels, greater self-esteem, and overall wellness. It is also very important to be able to disconnect from the grid on a regular basis. It is not necessary to be ‘plugged in’ 24/7. It’s good to leave the computer screen and cell phone behind whenever you feel the need to.

SUPPORT BASE The successful person has a reliable support base of loyal friends and helpers, who are available when needed. Valuable insight into successful problem solving comes from listening to the feedback and advice of your associates. They can offer you a perspective that heretofore had evaded you, as they are not emotionally invested in the current issue.

In summing up, a calm professional is more successful in his/her endeavors, and is also seen as being more approachable. This garners the respect and admiration of others. Your best performance is directly related to how well you can manage your emotions and remain calm under all circumstances.


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